• AlaskCan LNG

    Born of the desire to help emerging economies obtain responsibly produced, low-carbon footprint energy solutions

  • About Us

    ALASKCAN LNG will unlock the value of stranded North American gas and make it available for fuel switching for emerging Asia Pacific economies.

    As the world transitions to a reduced carbon footprint, North American produced natural gas can be an important component in a portfolio of energy choices.

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  • Benefits to Alaska

    The fabric of our company are the people of SE Alaska and western Canada, all of whom have come together to facilitate the export of western North American natural gas to the world.

    Our natural gas is available for use by local, statewide or global consumers. Our natural gas has one of the lowest carbon footprints of any source of natural gas. Our natural gas product will be best in class of natural gas by any ESG measurement.

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  • Board of Directors

    • Donald McInnes

      Executive Chairman

    • Christy Clark

      Board Member

    • Byng Giraud, MScEcon, MBA


    • Nathan Gloag, P.Eng

      Vice President

  • Contact Us

    1055 W Hastings St.
    Suite 1900
    Vancouver, BC
    V6E 2E9

    Please contact AlaskCan President Byng Giraud at:
    +1 778233 6449